Invest in Crypto and Growth Stocks with a Diversified Strategy

Achieve financial freedom by investing in innovative disruption and technology. Diversify, hedge, and earn dividends with commodity and real estate based equities.

A First Principles Approach

Because You Can't Trust Talking Heads with Your Money

Crypto and stock markets are just that, competitive markets. For every buyer there is a seller. Many find themselves on the losing end of the trade. Retail, the average investor, is particularly prone to poor investment outcomes.

GrowthGuide provides a simple, practical approach to investing that diversifies and mitigates risk but doesn’t leave you sitting on the sidelines or missing out on the best opportunities.

Rather than trusting a single person, narrative or investment, we encourage refraining from this type of exclusivity.

A portfolio targeting innovation and growth is best coupled with less volatile, uncorrelated assets that pay dividends.

Diversifying with commodity based equities, tech infrastructure companies, and real estate investments trusts, investors can benefit from passive dividend income and the assurances of owning proven portfolio staples.

Combine dollar-cost-averaging and contrarian investing to build a stable, long-term portfolio to borrow against and earn yield on. We’re also not financial advisers, so you retain full control of your money with a DIY fee-free strategy.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Tech & Growth Stocks

Commodity Hedges

Real Estate & REITS


Model Portfolios

Our model portfolios are an excellent way to learn and see how it’s done. Intended for example purposes only, models give you a direct look at different ways to approach the market using the same underlying strategy.

Build Wealth

Take Your Financial Freedom to the Next Level

Behind many companies and cryptocurrencies, there are entrepreneurs and teams that make it happen. We help you identity winners by better understanding the mission and scouting the most capable people and projects.

Learn how:

Our Strategy

Crypto & Equity Research with a Deliberate Focus

Our approach is simple and allows investors to maintain an aggressive strategy with reduced risk and volatility. Allocate to high conviction targets in emerging innovation, technology infrastructure and leaders in growth industries. Back those investments with less volatile, less correlated assets the help investors hedge the market while earning dividends, interest, and other forms of passive yield.

With a long-term diversified investment strategy, you can ride the volatility of risk-on assets for high upside.

Invest in Bitcoin and Crypto

We believe in hard money and support Bitcoin as an early-stage currency but all cryptocurrencies rely on network growth. By investing in key infrastructure coins and tokens, you benefit as an investor from their use in the crypto ecosystem.

Invest in Tech & Industry Leaders

Emerging innovation is a top target with other growth plays surrounding key technology that provides foundational services and infrastructure worldwide. These portfolio staples  have less risk and high upside potential.

Hedge with Commodity Equities and Real Estate Trusts

Tired of seeing your portfolio decline when the entire market dips? Hedge with the right commodity equities and real estate trusts to reduce correlation to other stocks and protect from excess market risk.

Earn Dividends & Interest

Equities can provide a dividend even with strong growth characteristics and high upside potential intact. With the advent of defi and crypto lending, interest bearing crypto wallets can earn on deposited assets but investors should be careful with their funds.

Make Smart Investments

It Doesn't Have to be Stressful or Hard

We help take the emotion out of investing. Don’t get caught holding the wrong bags. Capture the upside of digital assets and growth stocks while protecting your portfolio from market conditions.

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