Smarter Investments in Crypto and Growth Stocks with a Diversified Strategy

Achieve financial freedom by investing in today’s most disruptive sectors. Master crypto, technology, and innovative growth stocks, while hedging your portfolio from risk using commodity based equities for diversification and dividends.

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Behind many companies and cryptocurrencies, there are entrepreneurs and teams that make it happen. We help you identity winners by better understanding the mission and scouting the most capable people and projects.

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Our Strategy

Crypto & Equity Research with a Deliberate Focus

Our approach is simple: target key technology infrastructure and leaders in growth industries

With a long-term investment horizon, you can stomach the volatility of risk-on assets for high eventual upside. Our strategy counteracts downside risk with portfolio hedges that diversify and add yield.

Invest in Key Crypto Infrastructure

Cryptocurrencies rely on network growth. By investing in key infrastructure coins and tokens, you benefit as a an investor from their more likely use in the ecosystem and lowered expectation of risk.

Invest in Tech & Industry Leaders

Technology and growth industries have key players that provide foundational services and infrastructure worldwide. These are portfolio staples that have less risk and high upside potential.

Hedge with Commodity Equities

Tired of seeing your portfolio decline when the entire market dips? Hedge with the right commodity equities to reduce correlation to other stocks and protect from excess market risk.

Earn High Dividends & Interest

Equities can provide a dividend even with strong growth characteristics and high upside. And, with the advent of defi and crypto lending, interest bearing crypto wallets can earn on deposited assets.


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Jonathan Scott

Senior WordPress Developer

I could tell from their blog content they had a pretty good grasp on these things. It's easier for me to follow their portfolio and recommendations than try to do it all myself. Really like the asset explanations.

Jonathan Scott

Senior WordPress Developer

I thought all of the picks seemed like exactly what they promised. It is all the big players and weighted appropriately where it seems like a safe and less risky way to approach growth stocks.

Jonathan Scott

Senior WordPress Developer

The model portfolios are alright. I mostly use the real-time portfolio and the top stocks and crypto lists. Those picks always seem to make sense to me.

Jonathan Scott

Senior WordPress Developer

You get what you pay for. Pretty good suggestions. I stay subscribed because it has continuously improved, they seem to want to keep adding new features for members. Also because the top choices do change overtime and I agree with their reasonings. I don't really want to spend my time studying this stuff myself.

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