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Web Property Blogs (Article Syndication Service)

Premium content deserves to be noticed. If you want more eyes on your business and backlinks from niche related properties and blogs, our web 2.0 sites are ideal placements.

These were once the lifeblood of offsite SEO and while their significance has lessened, they can still play an important role when done correctly. Far too many businesses are neglecting what are still promising practices.

A quality SEO service done right

We submit manually to only the highest quality sites. We never use software or automated tools that can be subject to shoddy results. Our content is top notch and your brand benefits for the care we put into each property.

Authoritative properties that build your brand

Content syndication like this should be treated as if each property was an external blog that could benefit from continuous content updates and upkeep. The more effort you put into your properties, the more likely they are to withstand the test of time. We build our web 2.0 sites with multiple long-form articles and a link strategy that is safe and effective. Base layer properties will get the works, with 2-3 essential pages and all of the articles.

Our top web 2.0 properties include: Blogger, WordPress, Foursquare etc.

The top 3-5 properties are used as a base or foundation layer for the service and each property provides one or more link to your website.

To build the authority and ranking importance of these properties, all other web 2.0 submissions are used to link back to the base layer.

This silo structure means only the highest quality properties end up in your link profile. It also keeps your content clean by taking advantage of syndication. We never interlink properties and only link to your website in the base layer, making these safe and effective without the quality concerns of spinning your content.

Growing each property independently from your website is a winning strategy. This builds the reputation of the base layer properties, making links from these pages more valuable long-term.

This also results in fewer questionable links and less clutter in your backlink profile. Should Google or Bing ever manually examine your links, it’s clear you’re not breaking any search engine guidelines.

This service is a great way to chip away at your SEO and start building the types of properties and resources that will benefit your business well into the future.

Our Web Property Blog Plans:

Basic: 3 Articles + 40 Web 2.0 Properties + 35 Article Directories
Standard: 4 Articles + 40 Web 2.0 Properties + 35 Article Directories
Advanced: 5 Articles + 40 Web 2.0 Properties + 35 Article Directories