local business listing service

Local Business Listings & Directories (Citations Service)

Local business listings are directory sites that provide links and exposure for your company. These are high quality citations that feature your business contact details, description, social media and more.

Get listed and get noticed

Users interact with these sites to browse and lookup companies. This provides potential for direct traffic and since listings get categorized, they are targeted to your niche with on-page relevance.

Our citation building service provides hundreds of backlinks which builds your off-page SEO and increases important ranking factors. All listings are built manually by hand, without using software or automated tools that produce inconsistent results.

Improve your NAP consistency and SEO

Search engines value NAP (name, address, phone number) authenticity highly and regard local directories as some of the highest quality links for small businesses. Business listings help search engines confirm you are a real and genuine company. When your name and address checks out by cross referencing with these listings this helps your standings and rankings.

Local business listings are authoritative sites and an excellent way to substantiate your business in your industry. Each citation is an online profile that confirms your location in the real world, on Google Maps and more.

After building your citations we will provide an excel report with active links and screenshots as proof of submission.

Note: Any directory where your business listing is already present will be skipped. We are unable to provide refunds for these occurrences due to the manual nature of attempting each submission.