custom web app

Custom Web App

Need an app for your business? Our API-based single page apps are built to impress. Get a multi-page custom software application to power your next idea. Our apps load fast, have clean code and are easy to use.

Transform your business

A custom app can be used in-house by your employees or offered as a SaaS solution to paying users. Taking this step can dramatically transform your business and put you on a technological scale that outpaces your competitors. Our custom development provides a clear way to hit the ground running.

Give users real features and tools

Growing your business starts with providing more value to your audience. What better way to provide value than by providing tools and software? We help you give users what they want by providing software as a done-for-you solution. When you place your order, simply enter a description of the feature-set needed and our developers will get to work!

Benefit from API architecture

Traditional monolithic apps become bloated and difficult to maintain over time. We build our custom web apps with a microservice-like architecture based on an API, which makes them easy to manage with a long shelf life.

Grow with a modern tech stack

Your application will be built using React, a lightweight and lightning fast javascript framework that executes http calls to your backend API. This provides maximum usability and makes your app much more sustainable long-term. API based applications make the services of your app accessible to any client capable of calling the API. This means you can provide access to external apps that can tap into your software and help grow your business from afar.

Our backend technology of choice is Node – another javascript based framework that couples nicely with Express to provide a full-fledged server-side API.

Experience the technical advantage of the MERN stack. We use MongoDB, Express, React and Node to build a full-stack application that’s modern, efficient and well designed.