Complete Crypto Mining Rig with GPUs Ready to Mine

Complete Crypto Mining Rig with GPUs

Included is a complete crypto mining rig with 4 GPUs plus room for 4 additional GPUs should you choose to upgrade your mining capacity down the line. This is a ready-to-mine kit, it has everything a traditional computer or server has including the motherboard, power supply, ram, SSD hard drive, on board CPU, case and fans.

The power supply and fans have been upgraded with premium parts to provide quiet and efficient cooling to the rig without sacrificing profitability and hashpower.

It comes with everything you need to mine including a box style case that encompasses the whole rig. Fully assembled, tested and shipped to your door.

Note: GPU mining is still a profitable and efficient way to mine. With Ethereum’s transition to ETH 2.0 and the introduction of proof-of-stake, miners are pivoting to coins like Raven (RVN) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) that will continue to operate on proof-of-work architectures.

Just Started Mining? Consider taking your payouts in BTC or other stores of value and HODL the coins you mine. Cryptocurrency will likely continue to follow BTC’s halving cycle and miners can take advantage of this by holding long-term and only selling coins at peak returns.

The Complete Miner Package (Pictured Miner Includes 8 GPUs – Ours Comes with 4)
Crypto Mining Rig with GPUs Motherboard Package
Motherboard + Hard Drive + RAM
RX 580 8gb Graphics Cards
x4 RX 580 8GB GDRR5 Graphics Cards | Provides Maximum Hashrate and Profitability Per Dollar Invested (Included GPUs are Subject to Change Upon Release of Newer Cards)
Fully Modular Power Supply Crypto Miner
The Power Supply is Fully Modular for a Clean and Orderly Case Design (Only Necessary Cables get Plugged In)
Quiet Efficient Power Supply Crypto Miner
Low Noise PSU with Efficient Cooling and Smart Fan Control
Miner PSU with 80 Plus Gold Certified Efficiency
The Gold Plus Standard of Efficiency
High Performance Fan for Crypto Mining Rig
High Performance Case Cooling, Ventilation and Exhaust with Low Noise

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