Features to Increase Your Productivity

Keep your Team & Clients Happy

Our client portal and CRM is feature-rich and designed to bring a suite of tools under one roof for easier management of your business.


Deliver projects on time. Enhance collaboration with tasks, files, chat, and more.

Leads & Opportunities

Board style tracking of leads and opportunities, grow your business and close deals.

Time Tracking

Track the time your team spends on project tasks and bill clients for the effort.

Team Work

Define user roles to differentiate your team and their access rights within the system.

Client Dashboard

Give customers access to projects where they can view tasks, progress, make

Invoices & Estimates

Flexible invoicing tied to time, expenses, the scope of the work, and more.


Chat with customers or your team with our built-in commenting system.


Build a repository of helpful information to reduce your customer support and allow clients to self-service.


Put your team to use by assigning tasks and tracking team progress.

Recurring Payments

Gateways such as Paypal and Stripe for recurring payment automations.


Impress clients and leave a good first impression with beautiful project proposals.


Create relationships between tasks to ensure work is completed in sequence.

One Platform for Everything

The problem with client portals, CRMs, and project management apps, is that everything is spread out. With GrowthGuide, we provide the essential features you need under one roof.

Get all the business tools, in one easy to use app

GrowthGuide Client Portal Project Management CRM Features
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