AI-Powered Content Marketing

What Is Our Content System?

GrowthGuide is a content-based marketing service that leverages AI to automate and streamline content production, allowing you to reach more marketing channels with far less effort.

By integrating artificial intelligence, GrowthGuide provides high quality content for your blog, newsletter, X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. We then repurpose this content with distribution across various marketing channels for added exposure and SEO benefit.

In addition to our supplied content, our service allows you to create additional content on-demand.

Why Content Marketing?

Content serves as an authentic way to connect with and inspire your audience. It forms a relationship between you and the user, establishing your brand as an authority and thought leader in the space. Content builds trust through demonstrating an ability to share helpful insights and knowledge.

We give businesses of all varieties the ability to educate and nurture prospects into customers.

Custom Content System Features

Website & Email Content:

  • Long-form Blog Posts

    evergeen, high quality content

  • SEO Articles

    fully optimized content

  • Case Studies

    off-page links on authority sites

  • Q&A Articles

    notifies your audience

  • Lead Magnets

    entice users to subscribe to your list

  • Newsletter copy

    advertising for better exposure

  • Email Sequences

    a complete done-for-you service

Social Media Marketing:

  • X / Twitter Posts

    builds a social presence

  • LinkedIn Posts

    fully optimized content

  • Facebook Posts

    off-page links on authority sites

  • Instagram Posts

    notifies your audience

  • Social Images & Ad Creatives

    notifies your audience

Images & Media:

  • Blog - Featured

    builds a social presence

  • Blog - In-Line

    builds a social presence

  • AI Art

    builds a social presence

  • Social Media

    builds a social presence

  • Ad Creatives

    builds a social presence

Lead Magnets

Targeted Email Marketing & List Building

Lead magnets are a desirable piece of content used to entice users to subscribe to an email list. It is typically an article, listacle, infographic, video, or other creative piece that provides value to your audience. The content can be provided within an autoresponder upon joining your list, either attached or included as an in-line link.

Better Content. Better Customers.


Content serves as an educational tool for customers. With better content you can improve your own customer service experience by encouraging and sharing first-hand knowledge.

Content with the Full Effect of Inbound Marketing

GrowthGuide allows you to benefit from a content-based approach to digital growth:

Customer's Content Journey
  • Attracted

    Whether it's the visuals or written word, customers become attracted to the piece and eager to see more.

  • Engaged

    After beginning to read and explore the content, customers become engaged and genuinely interested.

  • Delighted

    As they see the quality and depth of the content, they become delighted in the effort and substance they have found.

  • Motivated

    Your audience becomes motivated to share your content. They help others and showcase their new discovery.

Customer's Lifecycle Journey
  • Stranger

    Originally your customer is a complete stranger, they need to be enticed by content to visit your website.

  • Prospect

    Once they arrive on your blog and begin engaging with your content, they are officially a prospect and potential lead.

  • Customer

    Your content helps build the trust and engagement necessary for customers in deciding to make a purchase.

  • Promoter

    After a good experience with your products or services, customers become ambassadors for your brand.

An Enhanced Service

Beyond The Blog

Creating and marketing quality content is our top priority but it's not the only managed service we can help offload. While our content enhancements add multimedia and online distribution to your strategy - it is our separately managed services that provide full exposure in the areas of SEO and paid advertising campaigns.

Content Upgrades

Content needs originality to stand out, we deliver with the right mix of videos, infographics, and more.

Off-Page SEO

Most content marketing services stop short of off-site promotion and link building, but not ours.

Paid Promotion

As an extra boost for content, we use PPC ads and other paid promotion that delivers inbound traffic.

What Does On-Boarding Look Like?

1. Async Voice Messaging

Easily communicate with your assigned campaign manager through recorded voice messages.

2. Interview Style Questions

We ask questions to better understand your products or services, allowing our team to personalize and cater content to your brand.

3. System is Setup - Access is Granted

Our system comes with your own login where you can create content on-demand.

Have Your Own Content Ideas?

If you have ideas for content, you can provide those suggestions to our team and we’ll incorporate them into your campaign. Additionally, you can generate content on-demand once you have access to your content system portal.

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