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Our Content Quality Standards

GrowthGuide is a vetted community with end-to-end approval processes. All submitted content including free blog posts must meet our quality review standards. Readers have come to expect premium long-form (1,200+ words) articles that are data backed with images, lists or charts. Once you have met this criteria and believe you have a valuable contribution, you are welcome to proceed with submission.

Topic Ideas:

Create a Course or Offer a Service

Take your earning potential higher by creating your own product or service for the marketplaces at GrowthGuide. Showcase your expertise with a course or list your talents with any digital service.

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Video Course Series

Walk our users through learning a new skill with your own video tutorial series.

Digital Service Offer

Provide a fully managed digital service to businesses and community members.

Your free crash course should cover a valuable and related topic but does not have to be part of the main course material. If approved, your video may get featured with a link allowing users to find you.

Your free DIY service guide will serve as a whitepaper while also detailing the do-it-yourself approach to the service. It should showcase the tedious tasks required to complete what the service provides.